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Home Design

Your Custom Home Design Specialist in Miami, FL

When it comes to designing a custom home, many people can be overwhelmed by the amount of choices they’re given. It can be extremely difficult to fully articulate the vision you have of your dream home. That’s why Paul Pergakis is willing to work with you extensively to help you develop an understanding of your goals and preferences before we start the home design and construction process. 

When starting the custom home design process, you’ll start with an initial consultation with Paul Pergakis to get a feel for your lifestyle needs. You’ll tell us some of your ideas and hopes for your new home. It helps to have ideas, pictures, and notes ready. As well as that, we work with you so that you can choose the specific location that you’d like to build your custom home.

When the location is chosen and the goals are set, we’ll review some examples of homes and ideas to fit your budget, and from there present some schematic design drawings. Once you’ve found a home design plan that you’re 100% on board with, we can move on to surveying and more specific selections such as which type of countertops you’d like in your kitchen to help you acquire the look and feel you’re hoping to get out of your custom home.

Finally, after the approval and pre-construction activities such as securing financing and acquiring building permits, we can finalize the contract and begin the construction of your own custom home design!

Some Home Design Styles Popular Throughout Miami, FL

When choosing a design for your home, the amount of choices you have can be mind-boggling. In order to help you decide how you want you custom home design to look, we put together a short list of the popular styles of home design found throughout the Miami, FL area.
Bungalow Home Design Miami, FL
Bungalows were one of the most popular residential styles from 1910-1930. Modest and comfortable, these homes are normally one or one-and-a-half story wood frame houses with porch railings and limestone chimneys. In the Miami, FL area, these homes have a gable roof with its ridge perpendicular to the street, and an off-centered front porch.
Mediterranean Home Design Miami, FL
The Mediterranean style home was very popular during the Boom of the 1920's. Influenced by the Mediterranean coast, arches and baroque decorations are a staple of this design. Stucco walls, red tile roofs, iron railings, ceramic tile, and terra cotta ornaments make Mediterranean style homes really stand out. With elaborate detail, most can't help but love this style.
Art Deco Home Design Miami, FL
Art Deco
Art Deco style homes popped up around the Miami, FL area mainly from 1929-1940. The style is based on organic and geometric patterns. The forms of these homes are angular and generally have a vertical orientation. Normally seen with tropical motifs, these homes typically have bright colored stucco panels, etched glass, and murals to compliment the angular lines.
Neo-Classical Home Design Miami, FL
A staple and give-away of the Neo-Classical style is the full-height entry porch, supported by classical columns, Based on the Greek style of architecture, Neo-Classical homes are commonly symmetrical and include elements of monumental proportions.
Miami Modern Home Design Miami, FL
Miami Modern
The Miami Modern style evolved from Art Deco designs. Using geometric patterns, kidney and oval shapes, curves, and concrete, one can say that Miami Modern homes have a streamline and calming look. Symmetry also plays a part in this home design.
Bahamian or Conch Home Design Miami, FL
Bahamian or Conch
Usually one-and-a-half or two-story rectangular homes, this style of home design is characterized by the porches that can be seen on both levels. Buildings are raised off the ground in order to allow air circulation below the home.

 To start creating the home of your dreams, contact Paul Pergakis today!

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