Miami, FL

Miami, FL

Custom Designed Homes Inspired by Miami, FL

Miami, FL is home to many prime examples of modernist architecture. Known as MiMo, this style of architecture developed in Southern Florida during the post-war period and is internationally recognized as a regionalist response to International Style, which had an emphasis on form and aesthetics versus social aspects. The MiMo style added more pop to an otherwise minimalist and efficient architectural style. It considered client demands and included themes of glamour and fun to each personalized design. Paul Pergakis Architect Inc. has been influenced by the MiMo style and uses it as inspiration for his own custom home designs and commercial projects.

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If you are looking for a custom home designer that can create a space that fits all your needs and compliments the aesthetic of the Miami, FL area, choose Paul Pergakis Architect Inc! Our completed custom homes and commercial spaces can be see all over the area, proof that we are one of the best in the area. For more information about our custom designed homes, contact us today!

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