The Top Architecture Firms in Miami


Any tourist that travels to Miami will see the scenic beauty that makes the city one of the world’s most popular destinations. Along with stunning beaches and iconic landmarks, this is a city that has always attracted both residents and businesses. Top architectural firms are operating in Miami currently that assist individuals, families, and businesses. Those interested in building or relocating will find a skilled and talented architect to complete their local residential and commercial projects.

The World Population Review stated that Miami as the 2nd largest city in Florida has a population of 473+K and grows at 1.0% annually. In 2019, Forbes listed this location among the Best Places for Businesses and Careers in the country. Many who choose to live and conduct business here will do so because of the professional expertise that is available here. Architects with superior abilities have made names for themselves and their firms by creating structures that are contemporary and functional.

It is possible to hire these professionals to design custom homes and also a commercial architect for business needs. This southern portion of the state is associated with its financial center, as well as, rich culture and famous architect engineered structures. Themes like the Mediterranean Revival, Art Deco, and various Miami modern styles are displayed throughout the city. New residents may want to repeat these looks or to have original home features created by their architect.

Top names, such as Herzog & de Meuron, Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, and Frank Gehry are responsible for many buildings that compose the skyline of Miami. Any commercial architect here is familiar with the traditional styles and those that have modern origins. Projects that are conceived through only a vision will become reality through the expertise that your talented architect brings. Let’s take a look at some of the well-known firms in Miami and their experience.


Tewes Design Group is one of Florida’s premier architectural firms that is known for its diverse commercial projects. Planning and interior design are among the specialties that clients enjoy here. The firm is associated with modern style projects. These include retail, cruise, commercial, and hospitality-focused structures. The Resorts World new business center in Miami is one of their projects, along with Royal Caribbean’s many South Florida buildings.

Another well-known firm here is A. Masow Architects, which provides its clients with architecture and interior design services. They are a great option for those wanting custom modern and aesthetic styles. This firm has completed residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail projects. Along with working in Miami, they take projects in New York and Los Angeles. The Modern Museum of Art is one example of their sensational projects.

Clients who want contemporary designs, traditional designs, or a blend of these should consider BEA Architects. This firm offers not simply architectural and interior design services but master planning, as well. They have completed commercial, residential, cultural, and healthcare project designs. The Long Beach Cruise Pier Terminal is a successful project completed by this popular firm.

The style of work performed by ATL Architecture is described as harmonious, visceral, and contemporary. This firm offers product design, landscape design, interior design, as well as, detailed architectural services. Casa Brickell is an example of the commercial properties that the firm designed. Residential, hospitality and retail projects are also available.

If you are looking for designs that are both innovative and creative, Berenblum Busch Architects is a firm to consider. These professionals are known for their work in architecture and interior design. They perform design efforts on residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. Terminal Port B in Miami is one of the futuristic projects in this firm’s portfolio.

According to Business Insider, successful people and businesses from essentially every industry have made their way to Miami. It is not difficult to find a commercial architect or developer that offers luxury designs. Homes with intricate interior details or even classic exterior features are easy projects for these experts. New residents get the homes of their dreams by working with professionals that are proficient with design and construction in the city.

All Around Moving suggests that international trade, tax benefits, and business diversity are among the reasons that many relocate to Miami. These are certain attractions in and of themselves for those moving for a variety of reasons. Having access to a great architect from a proven firm is yet another reason that Miami remains a popular destination.

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