Architectural Software

Architectural Software plays a vital role in architectural practice hence it should be chosen carefully to make a positive impact. Before choosing a software it should be selected on the basis of the functionality, design capabilities, usability, cost and licensing. Here is a list of Architectural Software available in the market that you can consider to select the one that suits your requirement.

Autocad Software

Architectural Software, which has been used since 1970 by architects worldwide. This application allows its users to create digital models of any structure or building, including skyscraper models. It allows building designers to generate accurate digital models from high resolution images. It is the ideal software for landscape architects, interior designers and architects who work with large structures. AutoCAD SP2 is the upgraded version that offer users greater control over textured surfaces, mesh surfaces and advanced animation.

ArcGIS (formerly known as AutoCAD)

This is a computer-based software that is ideal for architects who need to perform architectural detailing. Architectural detailing is the process of planning and designing of building plans for buildings, monuments and other constructions. A variety of tools are offered by arcGIS including line and shape, line tracing, and geo points.

Blu-ray Architectural Software

This application was designed for the architects and engineers by utilizing state-of-art technology. It offers accurate and robust image production and manipulation solutions. This software can easily convert geometry from 3D to CAD and vice versa. This software helps architects to create accurate topography and regional structural models, soil elevations, soil volume and soil type. It also offers different types of vegetation, buildings, foundations and other landscape structures.


This is the best architecture software available in the market today. The design phase of any construction project is made flawless with the help of this. The advanced feature-set and easy to use facilities make this the most sought after software of its kind. Architectural detailing, site analysis, cost estimating, GIS analysis, budget preparation, building information modeling and land survey are the many applications of credit architecture software. This can be used to create plans, specification and designs of any structure.

In case if you want to find the best home design software online, you have to research well. You will come across hundreds of websites that offer the best architecture software packages. You will be required to sift through them carefully so as to find one that fits your requirement. You will have to consider several factors before choosing a particular package. Check out the features like ease of navigation, cost effectiveness, availability of trial versions, variety of add-ons, customer support, graphic representation, zoom facility, saving options, network compatibility, user-friendly interface, etc.

One of the most popular architectural software of all times is the Revit Autocad. The software has become so popular that it is being used by architects worldwide. The grasshopper and the dynamo are the two main features of this software, which makes it unique. These two features not only make the autocad an attractive tool for the architect but also help him or her to present the final product in a professional manner.

The grasshopper feature of this software offers several benefits for the architect. It allows you to make revisions to the floor plans without having to change anything in the original blueprint. You can modify the floor plans and make changes without having to go through the drawing again. There are several other benefits that are being offered by this amazing software and have helped thousands of architects around the world in their daily tasks.

This software allows you to export drawings to many different formats so that you can view them in your desktop or laptop. This software offers several benefits for designers. You can easily modify the image with little effort if required. The pre-built objects like the archicad, blueprints etc.

Another amazing feature of the architectural software is that you can even manipulate the parts which you cannot see in the desktop or laptop. If you are designing a small building then you can adjust the size and make it as per your requirements. This bim program also offers various other benefits. It is possible to add the new columns and beams with the help of this software.

If you are familiar with the architectural drawings then you will be able to get along with this software. For new designers and architects this is a great choice because everything has been designed to simplify the process of drawing. If you have tried other sketching and drafting packages then you will find that this is better and easier. You can save a lot of time and energy with this tool. Architectural design software like Autocad Architectural CAD drawing program ensures that architects can perform accurate and quality designing with a great convenience and ease.