Architecture Services

Architectural services are offered by architects for a fee. The architectural field includes designing buildings, structures and landscape, but architecture services also include consulting, technical and material management services, and even the implementation of projects. In the broadest sense architectural services can be divided into three areas and these are architecture services Architecture consultation, Design Services – bidding, designing your projects or systems for clients, Concept Design And Development – helping in the conception and design development of new concepts, Engineering And Construction Services – providing materials and labor management for construction projects, and Maintenance And Painting Services – offering maintenance and painting services.

Consultation & Schematic

Architectural consultation is provided by experienced, professional architects to help clients in the creation of a perfect plan. In the broadest sense, architectural services also include consulting, designing, permitting, and planning your projects for clients, and implementing your plans. The term ‘Architecturerefers to the application of art and science to create practical and functional materials and systems for human comfort and lifestyle. A person with an undergraduate degree specializing in interior design may focus his or her career on building and environment research, and study historic sites and engineering renovation instead of primary architecture jobs like schematic design and concept development.


The design of a house depends upon several factors. These factors include space planning, budget, style, and functionality. An architect should have excellent communication skills to explain the client’s requirements to the designers as well as the possible alternatives available. In contrast to the popular belief that architecture services are all about creating the perfect architecture, these professionals work in a collaborative environment to design and construct structures that enhance the usability, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and longevity of a property. There are different types of architectural services available depending upon the projects they are working on.

Concept Design & Development

Residential Architectural Services deal with the complete process of designing, altering, and site planning a house. This includes drafting floor plans, spatial programming, call programming, coordinating with local authorities, purchasing land, preparing the blueprint, selecting appropriate materials, and finally organizing the construction crew. A professional architectural services firm will take care of all the details and ensure that every detail is conducted flawlessly. The residential architect must be skilled in designing sustainable buildings. They must use designs and construction techniques that will allow the residents to benefit from their surroundings. The landscape should be carefully planned and everything made to scale, using materials that will be lasting and environmentally friendly.

Construction Documents

Architectural Design Services usually deal with the change management and blueprint, which is a diagrammatical description of the building and its location. The architects then work with architects, engineers, and contractors to get the code analysis and bring the final plan to life. The design process involves drafting the blueprints, preparing the soil and leveling the area around the structure, and working with all the necessary contractors to execute the plan. The architects then work with the client to create a detailed blueprint that includes elevations, doors and windows placement, lighting, and entrances and exits. The architect also ensures that the site has access to utilities, such as sewer lines and electricity.

Site Evaluation

General, restaurant design, and healthcare architecture services include the management of the workplace strategy, from conception to site evaluation to completion. The architect supervises the project from beginning to end and provides guidance throughout the process. General architectural services include the creation and coordination of all the necessary contracts with subcontractors, suppliers, and builders, as well as overseeing all major decisions in the whole project. These contracts often include specifications, guarantees, and environmental considerations. In many cases, the architect serves as the project manager, which ensures that the client gets what they want on time and within budget. The architect also ensures that all the required licenses are in place, and is involved in any way with the construction process.


Practicing Architects/Masterplanning Aspiring architects/masters planners have the opportunity to provide comprehensive architecture services, such as masterplanning and landscape architecture services. A master planner’s job is to create a comprehensive master plan for a client, incorporating multiple architectural disciplines and geographic specifics. Masterplanning encompasses everything from research and design to corporate construction, and is completed in-house or by utilizing an outside firm. Masterplanning requires expertise in all aspects of architecture, including research, construction documents, and landscape architecture.


Rail Architecture/ Rail Design The work associated with rail architecture/ rail design is almost identical to that of a masterplan. This type of architecture services involves designing the layouts of railways, and planning the structural design & developments, and systems that will be used to maintain and power these structures. Architectural firms providing rail architecture services have extensive experience in the development of engineering designs for railroads, airports, and waterways. Additionally, some firms offer environmental and sustainable strategies for railways, using both historical and environmental data to assess sustainable practices.