Concept Design & Development

An architectural concept is a well-planned arrangement of elements within the architectural layout. Conceptual architecture is not a rigid design that was designed by an architect and is typically utilized to allow a building to be completed before actually building it. An architectural concept can come in many forms which include software architectural drawings (SAD), computer-aided design & development (CAD/CAM) and software architectural implementations (SADI).

Model Structure Layout

These development design tools can assist many architectural services needed to be completed in developing the best possible design and ensure that all the aspects involved are incorporated. An architect may use this layout for a model structure design or actual construction. This allows the architect to change certain elements without having to completely re-model the structure. Many architects find that this is very beneficial for them because of the flexibility it offers. This is because they can add or remove elements as they see fit without having to totally rebuild the entire structure.

Concept Design

Architectural concept design & development involves the application of many different skills in order to come up with a unique concept. Many concepts have multiple layers of meaning depending on how the viewer perceives it. In other words, a concept may not be completely unique but it may have several layers of meaning to different individuals. In some cases, the concept may not be unique but the way that the concept has been applied may be. The architectural team should take into consideration all of these factors when presenting their idea to potential clients.

Concept Development

This type of development is very important for the client because the design thinking must be able to be adapted to the space that is available. In some cases, the architect may choose to incorporate a traditional building design that is already in place. They may also work closely with the builder in order to create the building in accordance with the specific requirements that the buyer has provided while utilizing spatial programming to get the right dimensions for the engineering work and plan approval. Some developers also choose to use a blueprint of the structure that is being modeled in order to determine the exact details that are required of them.

Costs & Fees

The client will want to know if there is going to be any hidden cost or fees associated with the construction space planning. They may also want to know the timeline for completion. They will want to know what is going to happen with the structure after construction has been completed. Any changes that may need to be made to the structure after the project has been started should be clearly stated in the contract. The architectural firm should discuss these issues with the home builder or architect prior to starting the construction.


Concept design & development can be complicated for a client. A good designer should be able to explain their idea easily to clients while always taking into consideration spatial abilities, energy efficiency assessments and much more. It is important to remember that the idea should be designed in a way that is appealing to a wide variety of people. In many cases, people will hire an architect that specializes in the particular area that they are looking to build. It is always important to understand all of the pros and cons of every idea before taking it to the next level.


Architectural concept and design is the perfect way to get a new idea onto the forefront of everyone’s mind. In many instances, companies have already begun the process of designing and/or constructing a new building that is going to be unique. Sometimes, a group of architects will work together on a concept to help architects start the process of designing a schematic for a building. It is important to understand all of the pros and cons of every idea to ensure that the best one is selected for the job.


Architectural concept and design is a very important aspect of the entire idea development process. It should never be left in the hands of just anyone and should be thoroughly explained to all parties involved. Every idea should be thoroughly thought out and analyzed to ensure that it is going to be a unique building that adds something truly unique to the world.