Structural design of commercial buildings

Commercial Structures: An Integrated Approach

The process of structural design of commercial buildings in Ontario is done by a team of highly qualified professionals. In order to meet the diverse and ever-changing demands of customers, the skilled structural engineers in Toronto offer their experience and knowledge on structural engineering and related materials. They are well versed with the applications of mass timber and their applications. In addition, they are adept at handling complicated detailing work, like ceiling treatments, wall treatments, flooring treatments and many more.

Categories of buildings

In the 21st century, structural services are required for both the domestic as well as the commercial buildings. One can find two categories of buildings: those which are being constructed as homes and those that are being constructed as commercial or log homes. In both the cases, different kinds of specialized services are rendered by the structural engineers. For houses, it is the interior partition walls that are of critical importance, as they have to support the weight of the interior and exterior structures. The same holds true for log homes.

Commercial buildings come with different kinds of needs. One major reason behind this is the increasing concerns of people over earthquakes. As per the studies, more than half a million people a year die due to earthquakes in India alone. It is due to this that the structural design of commercial buildings has become all the more important. Moreover, the rapid advances in the field of engineering and building sciences have also made structural design more intricate.

The study of structural design of commercial buildings has become all the more important because of the increasing concerns of natural disasters like earthquakes. It is essential that these commercial buildings are able to withstand any kind of extreme weather conditions. The RDSBS program which stands for the Reinforced Thermo-holders Systems is one way through which buildings are protected against extreme weather conditions. This is a high impact rigid system that requires very less amount of maintenance. The system not only provides strength but also enhances the energy efficiency of the building.

The boma construction

Another important way in which structural designing is done is through the use of various structural systems. Some of the best systems include the following: The boma construction is another technique through which the structural integrity of a building is maintained. A boma is a frame made from columns and beams that support the building. The best constructors who specialize in the structural designing and development of commercial real estate do the boma construction.

The erection of the structures does require the use of heavy equipments and techniques. Hence, a lot of care has to be given to the selection of the equipments and techniques. Only those companies can ensure that the building is constructed using the highest quality equipments and techniques. Only then, the commercial building will be able to withstand any harsh condition.

Mass timber frame construction

Now, let us move towards the mass timber frame construction. This is considered to be the most cost effective and efficient technique for constructing commercial buildings. The mass timber frame is made of a series of planks or strips of wood, which are joined together through the use of nails and screws. This facilitates fast installation and removal. Besides being highly durable, the mass timber frame can also withstand severe weather conditions. Since it is supported by heavy steel tubing or cables, the building is extremely safe to the tenants or workers who are working within the commercial building.

The integrated approach promotes the efficient use of the space available. The best constructors who specialize in the design and implementation types of the integrated approach utilize the services of the best professionals in this field such as engineers, architects, structural engineers, and structural contractors. In order to make the most out of the space that you have, you need to be able to optimize the functionality and beauty of your commercial spaces. The professionals who specialize in these services know the tricks and tips of the trade when it comes to designing and planning a commercial place. So, if you want to save costs and maximize the benefits that you can get from your buildings, then you should definitely hire one of the Ontario based structural contractors.